Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Want to make the best Strawberry Protein Ice Cream? Follow this simple recipe and learn a great new recipe packed full of protein, fruit, and tastes amazing!!!

In order to make your pancakes, you will need the following ingredients:

** Additionally, you will want to use a food processor or blender for a nice smooth consistency

First you will add the frozen strawberries and Strawberry Preserves into a large food processor or blender. I personally prefer to use the Ninja Blender. Once the ingredients have been added, start adding in the MTS Isolate, Splenda and Guar Gum. Start by pulsing the blender to get everything broken up. Slowly start adding in the almond milk. It is always best to add the Almond Milk in a little at a time. You can always add more but once you add it, you can’t take it back out. Adding in too much liquid will make the consistency more like a shake and less like Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe.

Once the ingredients have been broken down, turn the blender on medium speed and let run for 30 seconds – 1 minute.After the blender has been running, stop the blender and scrape the sides. Repeat blending and scraping until the mixture has been completely mixed up. Remove the blade and scrape the ice cream mixture into a bowl and enjoy.

** Feel free to add additional toppings Strawberry Protein Ice Cream to another level.

Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients

Nutrition Information

Total Fat 3 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 224 mg
Potassium 343 mg
Total Carbohydrates34 g
Dietary Fiber 10 g
Sugar 7 g
Protein 41 g

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