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Staying Fit Over 30 – 5 Keys to Success

Staying fit over 30 may seem like a challenge but by understanding these 5 keys to success increasing your energy, performing your day-today task, and maintain a healthy stress level will seem like a breeze. Follow these easy steps to help increase your overall physical fitness and learn how every aspect works together in synergy.

If increasing physical fitness is your goal, then you are seeking to increase your ability to get through your daily routines, maintain a healthy lifestyle, increase your energy, and have a little reserve for whatever may arise.  The 5 keys to staying fit over 30 are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
    • How well your body is able to utilize and distribute oxygen, nutrients, and reduce waste from the blood stream


  • Strength / Muscle
    • The effort it takes to for a muscle or muscle body to create force or movement


  • Physical Endurance
    • How well a muscle or muscle body is able to perform repetitive task or excrete force over a duration of time


  • Flexibility
    • The range of motion in which your joints are able perform basic movements: range of motion.


  • Body Make-up
    • The amount of lean mass your body has compared to the amount of body fat; otherwise known as percent body fat

It may seem as though trying to accomplish all 5 of these keys to success is impossible, I will let you in on a little bit of a secret. If you primarily focus on the first three, the last 2 will fall in line. Focusing on cardio-endurance, strength/muscle, and physical endurance will inevitably have a positive impact on your body make-up and could have a marginal impact on flexibility. Physical activity, both cardiovascular and weight training, will burn more calories which, when combine with proper nutrition, will lower your body fat percentage.

A quality fitness program / lifestyle should be accompanied by the following components:


  • Physical Weight Training
  • Routine / Consistent Training
  • Progressive Overload / Fitness progression
  • Recovery

In order to optimize your health and wellness it is important to focus on ‘motor’ functions. Motor functions can be classified as speed, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, muscle strength, and agility. These core motor functions account for the primary make-up of your athletic limitations. By seeking to focus on each one of these functions, you will be able to improve your overall fitness and increase your body’s ability to perform. Combine with a healthy nutritional diet, a quality fitness program will empower you take control of your life.





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