What does your post workout nutrition look like? Do you prefer carbs? Are you cutting and prefer just protein? Or are you like a lot of people and look for a whole meal?

Whether you chose one of the options above or not, MTS Swolly is your answer to post workout nutrition. MTS Swolly is chocked fully of scientifically proven ingredients to work in synergy with any post workout meal option. These human-researched backed ingredients pack a punch when it comes to post workout nutrition and will enhance your post workout nutrition; which in turns will lead to a faster recovery and more substantial gains.



What is SWOLLY?

The first of it’s kind, MTS Swolly is HERE! Swolly is a Brand-New post workout amplifier aimed to take your post workout nutrition to another level.

Protein shakes?

Post workout meal?


No Problem! You can add Swolly to all of these options and more. Swolly is truly an amazing product and has been scientifically proven to:

  • Increase Amino Acids by 100%
  • Increase protein synthesis by 200%
  • Enhance BCAA, Glutamine, and Arginine blood levels by 250%
  • Increase Nitrogen retention by 32%
  • Increase protein absorption and decrease protein excretion

If you are looking to take your post workout nutrition to the next level and increase your gains, then add MTS Swolly into your post workout routine. You will notice a difference in recovery time and pack on those lean mass gains. This is like nothing else and will truly change your game!


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