Nutrient Driver

What is Glucose Disposal Agent?

What is glucose disposal agent? Glucose disposal agents can be advantageous to everyone seeking a healthier body. MTS Nutrition Nutrient Driver has been optimized to take advantage the following benefits:

  • May increase immune system
  • Could decrease appetite
  • Help with weight management
  • Increase energy
  • Cognitive Function

MTS Nutrition Nutrient Drive is design to be taken post workout; including but not limited to higher carb meals. Nutrient Driver will help with the metabolism of glucose and aid in insulin resistance, food cravings, energy, cognitive health, immune system, blood sugar levels, efficiency of carb utilization, and improve the transportation of glucose into the muscles.


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MTS Nutrition Nutrient Driver – What is Glucose Disposal Agent?

Want to know what is glucose disposal agent, than we must first look at what is in a glucose disposal agent.

200 mcg Chromax

Chromax or Chromium is a product produces by Nutrition 21, Chromax is a optimal form of Chromium. Chomax has been supported by over 50 human trials. Chormium is an essential mineral used by insulin to help maintain stable blood sugar levels.






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