Drop Factor Book Transformation Edition

In the last 5 years this book has been a tool to hundreds of people who are looking to drop a few extra pounds. Whether you are deep into contest prep or looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle, The Drop Factor book is the solution for you. In addition to dropping weight, many users have experienced a reduction in blood pressure, body fat, and an overall better body mass. This book was created and written for every person to use and has an easy to follow diet guide. While previous books may have been effective, this book has been written over the course of five years and holds every step of diet evolution in it. Why settle for an average diet book when you can have the BEST! If you are looking to take the next step and your diet to another level, this book is right for you!



Why is this diet book right for you?

The Drop Factor book has been written to not only aid in the mental struggles of dieting but also adhere to the physical nature of your training. We need to have the ability to focus and mentally brake barriers while still being able to dominate it in the gym. The key to balancing these to is controlling your carbohydrate intake and focusing it around training.

Additionally, this book makes it easy and you will not have to focus on measuring out and calculating every single carb, fat, and protein. How is this possible? We make it possible by using the Diabetic Exchange.



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