My Story

 Who Am I? The Anti-Dad Bod

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Paul – The anti dad bod. To be honest with you, physically I am not exactly the anti-dad bod but I am working towards it. I originally started this website as a way to affiliate market some of the products I used on a regular basis. Soon creating my site, I realized there was so much more potential and I change my focus. It is The anti dad bodamazing how that happens when you start a journey in one direction and are forced to take a completely different path. I guess I really wasn’t forced; more so, I wanted to genuinely help people.

I have worked in the healthcare industry for most of my life, over the last 15 years. And if you are wondering, I still work in healthcare just not directly with patients. I spent a lot of my time working in the cafeteria. This may not seem like a glorious job. Believe me, it wasn’t! However, I was able to really get to know a lot of people and learned to interact with people as well. During my time in the cafeteria, I was going to school to become an x-ray tech.

Once I graduated school, I like most people my age, could not find a full time job in my area of study. I continued to work in the cafeteria while picked up shifts at the hospital as a x-ray tech. I even filled in for the emergency room security when they needed me to. I continued to strive and push myself doing whatever job I could in order to make money. Eventually, I was able to convince the hospital to hire me on full time in X-ray. That’s the end, right? Well not exactly.

I found very little fulfillment being an x-ray tech. Don’t get me wrong, I loved taking care of my patients and learning so much about different pathologies and  diseases but It was very monotonous. I did the same thing day after day. I had to change. I bounced around doing different jobs in the hospital and even changed hospitals too. I couldn’t quite find that one thing I really loved to do. Eventually I landed where I am today, a software analyst for a large healthcare firm. It truly is a dream job but I feel as though I still have something left.

And that brings me back to here. When I started Like I originally said, I started this website because I wanted to promote products that I use every day. Once again, there was little fulfillment. I immediately decided to change direction and focus on something that truly mattered to me; the anti dad-bod. Sure you may think it sounds silly or that it is a joke but I assure you I am not joking. After spending so many years in the healthcare industry I consistently saw middle aged men being seeing for many problem associated with obesity. Men having back surgery, not because they injured their backs but because they carried around so much weight, their backs were unable to support themselves. Moreover, men who had sever arthritis in their knees because their knees couldn’t take the weight of their bodies. Consistently over and over again I would see these avoidable problem present themselves. An now, NOW I have something I can do about it.

My goal here is to help prevent men from falling into that path and hopefully stop it some of these problems before they happen. If I can’t stop them, than maybe I will be able to help correct or reverse some of these issues. I have been weight training for over 10 years and have quite a bit of knowledge on diet, training, programs, and over all health. I may not be the perfect fitness model or have washboard abs (not yet at least) but that is ok. I want to show other people that you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy. You just have to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance. A chance to change. A chance to live a life of happiness and longevity. A chance to watch your family grow up and a chance to play with your kids outside; you are worth it, your health is worth it, your family is worth it!

So come with me along this journey and let’s do it together. Let’s transform the social norm of excepting obesity and protest against the unhealthy dad-bod. Let’s give ourselves a chance to prosper and focus on what we have to live for. You only have one life so let’s make the best of it!