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    The Best Treadmill For Home Gym

    For dads, working out at the gym is tough due to their busy lifestyle and family responsibilities. They want something that can allow them to work out whenever they like, such as Treadmill. It is commercial-level equipment that lets overweight dads break a sweat and offers them the same comfort which they relish in a standard gym. However, buying a treadmill for a home gym isn’t easy. The best treadmill for you home gym features vary and depend on specific makes and models. Therefore, it is pertinent for you to comprehend which treadmill model is the best option for your needs. Before buying a treadmill, there are a few factors…

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    How to Get Rid of Your Dad Bod

    When it comes to losing dad bod’s without hunger, the keto diet works. It gets more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. The reduction in carbs burns the fat and gives you an amazing, fit body within a few weeks. Follow along to learn how to get rid of your dad bod. In other words, the keto diet changes the way energy is used in the body. This redirected energy burn is known as ‘ketosis’. It burns more fat as fuel and makes you lose dad’s bod and overall weight faster. According to the ‘U.S. News and World Report’, this diet should consist of 70 percent calories…

  • A healthy slice of life
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    A Healthy Slice of Life

    A Healthy Slice of Life   It is about time you get on your way and claim a healthy slice of life. You know how it goes day by day you go to bed promising yourself you will wake up in the morning and head to the gym. You spend days researching the newest diet or recent trend of weight loss is, but you haven’t made the commitment to go all in. Guess what? You are not alone. This feeling and behavior happens the best of us. Often, we over complicate things and give up before we even get started. That doesn’t mean you should give up all together. It…

  • The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss Female
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    The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss Female

    A Guide to a healthy you | The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss Female If you think that protein powder is only used for muscle building hunks who hit it hard in the gym, you could be vastly mistaken and be missing out on the powerful opportunity to tune your body up. When used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, protein (Both powders and whole food sources) can amplify fat loss and retain your lean body mass. Protein helps you feel fuller longer and aids in the maintenance and growth muscle within the body. The more lean body mass you have, the more efficiently you will be able…

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    Staying Fit Over 30 – 5 Keys to Success

    Staying fit over 30 may seem like a challenge but by understanding these 5 keys to success increasing your energy, performing your day-today task, and maintain a healthy stress level will seem like a breeze. Follow these easy steps to help increase your overall physical fitness and learn how every aspect works together in synergy. If increasing physical fitness is your goal, then you are seeking to increase your ability to get through your daily routines, maintain a healthy lifestyle, increase your energy, and have a little reserve for whatever may arise.  The 5 keys to staying fit over 30 are as follows: Cardiovascular endurance How well your body is…

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    Amplify Your Fat Loss

    10 Steps to increase Fat Loss Determine what your basal metabolic rate is (BMR). There are many tools on google that allow you to calculate your BMR. You can search BMR calculator to find one that best suits your needs. Take your BMR and subtract 10% from it, with a maximum reduction of 500 calories per day. If you cut your calories too fast, you may lose muscle and not fat; this is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. Take your BMR and divide it between 5 to 6 meals a day if possible. Overall, you really don’t have to attain 5 or 6 meals a day;…