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Bone and Joint Health

Feeling your age? How can you reverse time? Have you heard about Tumeric being the miracle plant? What if there was a better way or a more digest-able for of Tumeric? Well now there is! Acumin Advance Tumeric Complex is made from Acumin™ which is a patented extract of curcumin – the active chemical contained within Tumeric. You see, if you are simply ingesting Tumeric, you are ingesting the yellow powder used to make food taste good. However, within that spice is a chemical called curcumin – this is sometimes used interchangeably with Tumeric but they are different. Curcumin is classified as a curcuminoid, the yellow pigment in tumeric, which has very magnificent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of curumin, found in Acumin Advance Tumeric Complex, range from cognitive enhancement to bone and joint health. Here are our top 10 benefits to curcumin:

  1. Has potential to Reduce Inflammation
  2. Blood Sugar Control
  3. May have Cognitive Enhancement
  4. Joint Pain Relief
  5. Can Contribute to Detoxification
  6. Boost Brain Power
  7. May Increase Mental Health
  8. May have Anti-Cancer Properties
  9. Improves Cholesterol
  10. Can Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots

Summary –

Acumin Advance Tumeric Complex is a product that is derived from curcumin which has is the digestible, health abundant, chemical found within Tumeric. Curcumin has wealth of health benefits such as: improving skin health, reducing inflammation, maintaining cholesterol, and reduces joint pain. Additionally, Acumin Advance Tumeric Complex is a highly concentrate extract of curcumin which will provide a more readily digestible form of Tumeric with only the health benefits and no filler.

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